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Photo: Jenelle Etzell

Thoughts today,I wonder what the world will be like when my kids grow up!? its just completely different from when I grew up, cellphones didn’t really exist until I was like 10 years old and computers was fairly new when I was in my early teens, And if you wanted to get a hold of someone you actually had to call them and talk to them, on your landline, now its all texts and communicating through pictures. It makes me sad in a way because we are so unconnected with each other these days because we are too aware of everyone else but not so much about ourselves.

What is the purpose of life according to you? Ive had a lot of thoughts about this lately for some reason. For me its about growth, always striving to be better, kinder and to be happy! Always stay true to your heart and who you are. We will all make mistakes in life, its part of the process but we should learn from them and grow as a person from the experiences we have. We have them for a reason. I think its so easy to just lose yourself in this digital world that we live in, BUT at the same time its amazing how you are able to connect with so many people around the world that you wouldn’t be able to if all the web stuff didn’t exist. Even tho you might not connect on a super deep level it is kind of cool how the world has opened itself up to more equal opportunity for everyone. So I am a little split with my opinion about it.

Relationships with other people: I want everyone to be able to experience love, I want everyone to succeed and I don’t have any space in my heart for hate towards anyone. I have chosen to let go of any hate and anger that I ever have felt and replaced it with forgiveness and love, Because hate and anger are a very heavy load to carry, Its a good feeling when you feel like you can let go. I am there now, I’ve let go because life is to short. You are the one person that by holding on to that negative energy it affects you to absolute most anyways, Its the same thing when it comes to self worth, it comes down to what you yourself think of you not what everyone else thinks. Ive always had a problem with that before, caring about what everyone else thinks instead if being true too myself a 100% and be nice to myself, because we are always our own biggest critic, it doesn’t matter if you get 1000 compliments a day but if you don’t believe in them yourself it doesn’t really matter. the same thing with criticism, you might hear this or that but in the end its what you chose to listen to and take to heart. whenever life seems like its crumbling, the first thing you should question is the quality of your thoughts, positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. negative thoughts create negative outcomes. its as simple as that. so focus on the importance of being positive and the world will change for you! This is something I believe firmly!

Maybe something to think about…

xo Elina

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