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There is 3 things that I get the most questions about and that is, my skin routine my workout/food routine and then this, my makeup routine so here you have it. This is pretty much everything that I usually use at the moment, and down below is everything linked!

  1. Tarte eyeshadow palette  I love this palette and I use the relish brownish colors to bring out the blue in my eyes

2. Mac HighlighterMy all time favorite highlighter that I use on my cheekbones, along the bridge of my nose and under the eyebrow and sometimes on my lip bow
3. Maybelline concealerthis is a great budget concealer and I usually mix it with the other concealer palette from MAC.
4. Bareminerals foundationI´ve used this for probably 10 years and I always go back to it, gives a really nice glow and you can choose to do low coverage or full coverage plus its pure and good for your skin.
5. Urban Decay Naked palette– same with this palette, I love the colors and use the relish brown once to bring out the blu in my eyes.
6. Dior overcurl mascaraThis mascara is great gives my lashes a lift and a thickness I like, only minus is that it dries out fairly quickly.
7. No Pore Blem primerThis primer is great, it preps the skin for your foundation to get a smooth surface and makes your makeup stay longer.
8. Anastasia Brow pencilAnastasia has by far the best brow products. And this pen is super easy to work with and I add little ”hairs” with this pen to fill in my own brows.
9. Cinema secrets setting powder this is the only setting powder I’ve used that I really like, gives you a matt finish and makes your makeup stay on all day!
10. Mac concealer paletteI use the two on the bottom the most the yellow toned for blemishes and red parts and the red toned to neautrulize under eye blue parts.
11. NYX cream blushI am a huge fan of cream blushes because it gives you a better glow and natural look plus I like to dab a little on my lips as well, it gives you a really fresher face look when you match the blush and lip  in the same shade.

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