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Its competing time for you lovely readers! You now have a chance to get your own personal planner

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Love mine and so will you, there is 2 things you need to do to be in the competition.

1. follow @personligalmanacka (Sweden) @personalplanner (USA) on Instagram.
2. Leave a comment below this blog post about why YOU should win this personal planner. And don’t forget to add your email adress.

I will elect a winner by Friday so make sure to keep your eyes open! And check your email!


(This competition only works for people in Sweden and Usa)

// Det är tävlings dags för mina fina läsare, ni har chansen att vinna en egen personlig almanacka. Älskar min och lovar att ni kommer göra detsamma! Det är bara två saker ni behöver göra för att vara med och tävla. 1. Följ personligalmanacka på Instagram 2. Lämna en motivering i kommentarsfältet nedanför detta inlägg om varför just du ska vinna en personlig almanacka och lämna din mejl! Jag kommer välja en vinnare till fredag så håll utkik. Lycka Till!!


Skapa en blogg på du också, klicka här! Och du har väl inte missat topplistorna, klicka här!


Läs mer om hur vi behandlar personuppgifter i vår integritetspolicy.
  1. Hilary Kelly

    These are too cool! Between keeping track of work, dialysis appointments, and my EMT Firefighter requirements my months are hectic! Getting ready to go to Mayo Clinic to try and get my kidney finally and I’ll be able to add my millions of appointments and never miss anything important!

  2. Julie Baker

    I am also old schooi with my organization. I like having a hard copy to reference when needed. With so many poeple now relying on their smartphones for calendars, evites, alarms, and everything in this digital age, they’ve lost the true personalization of handwriting something. Also, it helps you to remember it better. Yours are adorable.

  3. Anna

    I would love to win a personal planner. I am newly engaged so juggling wedding appointments, personal schedules and work appountmets/schedules is starting to be challenging. Would love to start 2017 off being organized as I plan to marry my best friend!

  4. Amber Rohr

    First off, your planner is super precious, and your family is so beautiful!!
    Now, why would I love to win my own planner you ask? Between my work schedule (I work anywhere from 40-55 hours a week) and my husbands (he’s pretty much at work from 6am to 7-8pm Monday through Friday), plus all the functions we attend from his job, we’ve got a very busy schedule. Between meetings, errands, holidays, special occasions, charity benifits, and networking functions I’m always feeling like I’m forgetting something (and sometimes I am), but with this absolutely lovely planner I’m sure I’d finally be able to bring some order to this crazy thing I call our life!

  5. Stephanie Perez

    I would love to win a personal planner because it would keep me more organized for things like doctor notes, eating regimens, workout regimens, and school notes. Even more so because I would love to personalize the planner with Chicago Blackhawks things. I love that team so much and if I were to win this I would take it with me everywhere and be proud to take it out in front of people. Cool looking logo and a planner in one would be amazing to have.❤😍🏒 #OneGoal

  6. Hannah

    Hello Elina! I would just like to say I love your blogs! I really enjoy reading them! I am also in love with your clothes line. I would love to win the planner because I’m not very good at remembering things. Also it would just remind me of my favorite family everyday! My email is

  7. Vanessa Kuri

    Hi! I would love to win a customized planner because one of my 2017 resolutions is to be a more organized person. With school and work, I tend to never write things done and I forget an assignment is due or when I have to meet up with a friend. Any planner would help me keep organized but a cute personalized one would make sure I always had it with me 🙂

  8. Allie Cooney

    i would LOVE to win a new planner to start 2017 on an organized note!! juggling a hectic job, a newly increased workout schedule (shooting for 5 days a week!), and loads of fun social/family/volunteer events this year. a planner like this would be the PERFECT tool to plan out all my activities!! keeping my fingers crossed for a win!! ❤️❤️❤️