FAUX FUR – Elina Casell

Elina Casell




I love this faux fur from ivyrevel! Its still pretty warm around here tho so might have to wait a little longer until I get to wear it for real because I had to change into something lighter to wear today, it feels like warm spring today..But you get 20% off with code Elina20 so make sure to get yours now! 

My Launch party/ fashion show on wednesday went over my expectations, I was so extremely surprised and happy over the amount of people being there and supporting me (even tho I had all odds against me with the cubs world series game playing at the same time and people canceling) but the place was fulled and i was overwhelmed over all the great feedback and genuine compliments about my collection that I got! I can´t explain the feeling when you have worked so hard, had sleepless nights over setbacks and stressed over it all getting to that point and then get that as a reward is so worth all those tears and problems I faced to get there. I am beyond grateful and happy about the turnout and also very grateful for my team that I’ve worked with to come to this point! Pictures from the event is coming up next week!

I know a bunch of you have asked when and where to buy the complete collection and du to some  complications with the website there was a little bit of a delay but it will hopefully be up and running in the end of this upcoming week at elinacasell.com and then you all will be able to purchase all your favorites from the collection!

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