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With far-flung appeal and a bright, spirited side, the Moroccan aesthetic brings relaxed distinction and worldly energy to any room. The internationally-inspired look incorporates elements native to the country for which it’s named, as well as bohemian accents, carved wooden furnishings, and eclectic textiles. From traditional to contemporary, there are many ways to carry out Moroccan design and make it your own. To inspire a restful bedroom with African flair, we’re turning to the softer side of this chic style, and rounding up our favorite sleep-time spaces that perfectly capture today’s top Moroccan trends.

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To punch up any bedroom with a taste of Moroccan flavor, swap out neutral bedding for a colorful duvet and pillows in a traditional pattern. This quick and simple decorating idea brings Moroccan energy to the focal point of any sleep time space, and establishes a color palette and decorative tone to build on in styling the rest of the room. Add in simple rubbed bronze or copper end tables for added functionality and a dose of African glamour, plush a cozy shag rug in a trellis pattern that perfectly bridges the divide between traditional Moroccan motifs and contemporary trends. A timeless carved headboard adds regal sophistication along with height and dimension to the look.

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For an airy take on trendy Moroccan style, mix in natural elements and plenty of bright white linens. Here, a tall carved wooden headboard is flanked by matching rustic end tables and lamps, while leather poufs are placed near the end of the bed. The relaxed symmetry of this bedroom (plus fresh potted greens throughout) creates a calm, soothing atmosphere. A varied mix of bold patterns, textures, and colors, are introduced in the way of lamps, pillows, and an area rug. These smaller pieces ground the aesthetic in Moroccan design without overwhelming the breezy ambiance.

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Traditional Moroccan decorating relies on bringing together unexpected colors and textures to create a unique, eclectic look. This stylish bedroom builds on the tried and true principle, modernizing the practice for a contemporary space. A green, velvet bed with a medallion pattern anchors the look in Moroccan motifs, while green and blue bedding along with a purple and orange trellis rug make for a rich, varied palette. A wood side table plays off of golden hues in the velvet bed to add cohesion and function to the space. Placed against a side wall, an oversized ornate mirror makes the small space appear visually larger, while a unique lantern fixture and hanging planter further stylize the vibrant bedroom.

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More modern and minimal than classic Moroccan, this airy bedroom features white walls, white flooring, and white bedding. A spirited rug and navy headboard pop against the neutral backdrop, infusing energy into the muted aesthetic. Subtle pillow patterns and a pompom duvet trim give a nod to classic Moroccan textiles, while a copper elephant, relaxed decor, and a showpiece pendant light add lived-in glamour to the unassuming aesthetic.

Guest post by Amelia Ohm for LuxeDecor

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