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I get a lot of questions about my skin routine so I wanted to show you what I use. I am lucky to get a lot of different products sent to me to try and I love to try products over all and Im always on a hunt for great new favorites to use, the skin is something that I think you should take great care of.

My friend Lene Brookbank (her husband used to play with mine) she was the one who recommended these products to me because she works with them and have gotten great result herself!

My skin has been a bit stressed lately because Ive just been so busy and stressed over all so that started to show on my skin, I started breaking out which I usually never do and my skin was just not itself. So I started this routine a little more then a month ago and my skin has NEVER looked better! This is definitely something Im going to stick to, Im just so excited over the results and that I´ve finally found something that works wonders for me and my skin.

  • I start the morning with RODAN+FIELDS REVERSE products which helps your skin getting rid of dark spots and brighten and even out the skin and also protect it from future sun damage. Also reduce fine lines.
  • At night I use the RODAN+FIELDS REDEFINE line where you start with this awesome face mask you see me using, this line helps with renewing the skin cells and minimizing pores and building collagen. Its just awesome. Must say that the face mask is my favorite in this line.
  • The RADICAL products I got a while back as well to try and I fell in love with their face serum that I now use both day and night after my RODAN+FIELD products and also their eye cream. I also use their body firming cream on my body that helps to tighten and moisturise.
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  1. khushboo

    Hi Elina!
    On your twitter, I saw your Halloween costume – must say you nailed it! Do you have any closeups of your group costumes that you’d be willing to post? Thanks!