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There is 3 things that I get the most questions about and that is, my skin routine my workout/food routine and then this, my makeup routine so here you have it. This is pretty much everything that I usually use at the moment, and down below is everything linked!

  1. Tarte eyeshadow palette  I love this palette and I use the relish brownish colors to bring out the blue in my eyes

2. Mac HighlighterMy all time favorite highlighter that I use on my cheekbones, along the bridge of my nose and under the eyebrow and sometimes on my lip bow

3. Maybelline concealerthis is a great budget concealer and I usually mix it with the other concealer palette from MAC.

4. Bareminerals foundationI´ve used this for probably 10 years and I always go back to it, gives a really nice glow and you can choose to do low coverage or full coverage plus its pure and good for your skin.

5. Urban Decay Naked palette– same with this palette, I love the colors and use the relish brown once to bring out the blu in my eyes.

6. Dior overcurl mascaraThis mascara is great gives my lashes a lift and a thickness I like, only minus is that it dries out fairly quickly.

7. No Pore Blem primerThis primer is great, it preps the skin for your foundation to get a smooth surface and makes your makeup stay longer.

8. Anastasia Brow pencilAnastasia has by far the best brow products. And this pen is super easy to work with and I add little “hairs” with this pen to fill in my own brows.

9. Cinema secrets setting powder this is the only setting powder I’ve used that I really like, gives you a matt finish and makes your makeup stay on all day!

10. Mac concealer paletteI use the two on the bottom the most the yellow toned for blemishes and red parts and the red toned to neautrulize under eye blue parts.

11. NYX cream blushI am a huge fan of cream blushes because it gives you a better glow and natural look plus I like to dab a little on my lips as well, it gives you a really fresher face look when you match the blush and lip  in the same shade.


I went to the hair dresser yesterday because my hair was in a desperate need of some love! I can’t even remember the last time since I went so It was well needed! I got referred to Jay Wesley Olson by a friend here and he is super good at doing balayage especially! I wanted to do something different so I cut some bangs and he did a very soft balayage on me! And I love it! He also said that in the 20 years hes done hair hes never seen anyone with my natural hair color so he would never want to do a full color on it. I think that my hair is probably one of the most things I get asked about. Because its a mix between red, brown and blond no hairdresser seems to have a name for my color, it has darkened a little naturally the last couple of years tho, and I used to hate my hair when I was younger but now I’ve learned to appreciate it and I guess it gives me a little originality. Anyhow, Im very happy with the result and now I just have to get used to these bangs hanging down my face haha. I was considering cutting it short, but he didn’t want to do that either, Im happy that I got a little bit of a change tho!:) What do you guys think?

// Igår var jag hos frissan och fixade barret som behövde sig en rejäl dos av kärlek! Kan inte komma ihåg sist jag var hos frissan! Tror det var i somras någon gång, så det var verkligen behövligt! Jag blev rekommenderad att gå till Jay Weseley Olson som äger sin egna salong här i Scottsdale och han är lite av en specialist på balayage så tänkte att jag skulle testa det. Jag kände för att göra något annat så han klippte lite längre lugg också och jag älskar det! Han sa att han aldrig under sina 20 år som frisör sett någon med min naturliga hårfärg, vilket jag har hört några gånger hos frissan, så han ville absolut inte färga över mitt naturliga så det blev en väldigt sagt nästan omärkbar bayalage. Jag skulle nog säga att mitt hår troligen det jag får mest kommentarer och frågor om, mitt hår är en mix av rött, brunt och blont skulle nog vara bästa sättet att beskriva det på, väldigt skumt. När jag var liten var jag ännu varmare i tonen och sen har det mörknat och skiftat färg med åren, jag brukade hata min färg innan men har lärt mig att uppskatta den och antar att den gör att jag kanske får lite originalitet. Hur som så är jag väldigt nöjd med resultatet, nu måste jag bara vänja mig vid luggen som hänger i ansiktet haha.. Jag funderade på att klippa det kort först men det tyckte han absolut inte så det fick bli en lite mindre ändring! Vad tycker ni?


FINALLY I got this thing up, and I want to apologize again for being so slow but its just been a lot of problems with the upload and so on, the other video wasn’t even edited so I don’t know what happened there. ANYWAYS, I got so many questions about my skin routine and my makeup routine so I decided to do a video about that first before I answer all the other questions! I hope you enjoy it! Another video is coming up soon! XO

// Nu är äntligen den riktiga videon uppe som skulle kommit upp, som ni kanske märkte sist så vart det lite strul men nu äntligen så hoppas jag att et var rätt video och dessutom går att kika på hela! I vilket fall som helst så fick jag väldigt mycket frågor om just min hud och smink rutin så bestämde mig för att göra en video om bara det då det får ni se här, så kommer det upp en ny video snart med svar på resterande frågor, hoppas ni gillar den! KRAM


Skärmavbild 2017-02-08 kl. 21.00.46 tru10024



Got these goodies sent to me the other day to try and I must say, I am in love! They are natural, vegan and organic self tanners which is very important for me especially now when Im pregnant! People tend to forget that the skin is your biggest organ and whatever you put on your skin will soak in, so make sure there is no toxins in your products. This amazing self tanner is perfect now during the darker times of the year (or year around) to get some nice color . I especially loved the face anti-aging tan which gave me super smooth and beautiful skin while building up a natural looking tan, two thumbs up for that! Ive always been a fan of self tanners, both because of the benefits of feeling and looking a little better without being in the sun and also at the same time avoiding the harmful things that to much sun can do to you which can cause both leathery and wrinkly skin or even worse, skin cancer! With these TRUE NATURAL self tanners you get all the benefits of feeling tanned and refreshed without the risk of hurting your skin or health in any way!







Had a super relaxing and fun night yesterday, I was hosting a little spa night with some of my besties. I made some healthy dinner and we made my moms recipe on a healthy really refreshing drink (non alcoholic) thats super easy to make, recipe coming up tomorrow! also did some face masks and had a lot of laughs. And my friend Nathalie had her spray tan machine with her so all of us ended the night with a new tan. More nights like that!

// Hade en super mysig kväll igår med några av bästisarna, hostade en liten spa kväll i vår relax nere i källaren och bjöd på fräsch middag och mammas goda nyttiga drink som recept kommer på imorgon. Fräschade också upp ansiktet med några ansiktsmasker och bjöds på en hel del skratt. Nathalie tog också med sig sin spray tan maskin så avslutade kvällen med att bli bruna och fina, så idag är man redo för att slänga på klackarna och ta sig ut på middag och en sväng på stan. Fler kvällar som den!





I got a presskit with a bunch of self tanner products from FAKE BAKE to try. Im actually a big fan of spray tans and tan lotions for a lot of reasons! First of Im a busy person/mom and a tan always makes me feel and look better and it gives me that healthy glow right away without having to press in the sun. Two, you don’t have to worry about getting burned, or the risk of skin cancer.

There is a couple of things you need to think about before you use a self tanner or getting a spray tan though. Make sure to scrub your skin throughly so you don’t have any dead skin cells on your body or face is a must for an even tan. Also don’t use any creams or lotions before applying it except in some areas like elbows and knees where you have a tendency to be a little too dry.

If you use a self tanner your self, use a self tanner application glove to get an even result and to avoid getting brown palms!

What I really liked about the fake bake products was that you don’t have to wait to get dressed because you dry right away big plus! And with that application glove you get a really even tan!




Its time to talk hair. I loved what the spring runway brought not only clothing vise but also all new fun hair trends coming our way. Here is the three ones I really got stuck on



This is my go to hairstyle when I don’t know what to do with my hair. You can keep it sleek or messy, but its a great and easy way to keep your hair in check.

// Detta är min go to uppsättning när jag inte riktigt vet vad jag ska göra med håret. Du kan hålla det stramt eller slarvigt, vilket som så är det ett enkelt och snyggt sätt att hålla håret på plats.


If you have naturally curly or wavy hair your in luck! Because these curls are back. How nice to just wake up and walk out the door and still have your trend meeter on high..

// Om du har naturligt vågigt eller lockigt hår så har du flyt för det är en stor trend just nu att hålla det naturligt. Så bara att vakna och springa ut och trend termometern är ändå på topp..





Braids are not just for little girls any more. This is a huge trend right now and even I have gotten sucked in. The opportunities are endless, there is french braids, fishtail braids and reversed french braids, the list is long so get your braids on..

// Flätor är inget för bara små flickor längre, detta har blivit en extremt stor trend just nu och även jag har blivit fast. Möjligheterna är oändliga, det finns inbakad, utbakad och fiskbens fläta, listan kan göras lång, så börja fläta..


skinroutine right


I get a lot of questions about my skin routine so I wanted to show you what I use. I am lucky to get a lot of different products sent to me to try and I love to try products over all and Im always on a hunt for great new favorites to use, the skin is something that I think you should take great care of.

My friend Lene Brookbank (her husband used to play with mine) [email protected] she was the one who recommended these products to me because she works with them and have gotten great result herself!

My skin has been a bit stressed lately because Ive just been so busy and stressed over all so that started to show on my skin, I started breaking out which I usually never do and my skin was just not itself. So I started this routine a little more then a month ago and my skin has NEVER looked better! This is definitely something Im going to stick to, Im just so excited over the results and that I´ve finally found something that works wonders for me and my skin.

  • I start the morning with RODAN+FIELDS REVERSE products which helps your skin getting rid of dark spots and brighten and even out the skin and also protect it from future sun damage. Also reduce fine lines.
  • At night I use the RODAN+FIELDS REDEFINE line where you start with this awesome face mask you see me using, this line helps with renewing the skin cells and minimizing pores and building collagen. Its just awesome. Must say that the face mask is my favorite in this line.
  • The RADICAL products I got a while back as well to try and I fell in love with their face serum that I now use both day and night after my RODAN+FIELD products and also their eye cream. I also use their body firming cream on my body that helps to tighten and moisturise.



Idag gjorde jag en AHA-pensling Neostrata hos goaste Alexandra på PERFECTSKIN (hudkliniken) här i Jönköping. Jag som har ganska torr hy känner att huden verkligen får nytt liv och bli jämnare och en glow när jag gör denna ansiktsbehandling.

Det är en intensiv behandling med anpassad styrka på fukt-och mjölksyra beroende på hudtyp och behov. Passar allt ifrån oren/acne, torr, åldrad och solskadad/pigmenterad hud. För allra bästa resultat så rekommenderas en kur på 4 ggr men man ser absolut resultat redan efter en.  Är en perfekt start för huden nu innan hösten kommer

Nu har jag ordnat så att alla ni kära läsare får 10% på denna behandling hos Alexandra om ni nämner rabatt kod:


Ni kan läsa mer om deras behandlingar på deras hemsida PERFECTSKIN.NU och för att boka kan ni skicka ett mejl till: [email protected] och glöm inte att nämna koden för att få er rabatt.






Jag fick hem en mascara ifrån younique för ett tag sedan, tack så mycket! Och nu har jag haft tid och testa den ett tag och måste säga att jag gillar den.  Man får två olika en som bygger upp fransarna med ett slags fiber och sedan själva maskarna.. fransarna får jätte fin volym och längd!

Nu har jag också hört att de kom precis ut med en ny mascara som ska vara till och med ännu bättre, så kanske ska kolla in den också..

// A while ago I got this mascara from unique sent home to me (thank you) and I have finally had a chance to try it! I must say I really like it! You get two cases, one is to build up your lashes with some kind of fibers and the other one is the actual mascara, your lashes get a lot of length and volume and I mean who doesn’t like that!!?//