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(pasta med skinksås)

This is one of my ultimate favorite dishes that I make. Might sound like a weird combo but its soooo delicious you need to try it.

Detta är en av mina absoluta favorit rätter som jag gör lite titt som tätt. Kan låta som en konstig kombination med det är såå himla gott!

you need:

Pasta (i use gluten free pasta)

ham (skinka)

sour cream regular , i use horizon organic(creme fraiche, kokbar 34%)

corn (majs)

1 chicken buillon cube

salt, pepper, nutmeg, onionpowder (piffi krydda)

paprika spice (paprika krydda)

banana (banan)

cashew nuts (cashew nötter)

Start with chopping the ham and banana in smaller pieces and then In a saucepan mix all the ingredients except the pasta together and let it lightly boil.

in another saucepan boil the pasta and serv.

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